Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

Tatyana Kenon

Spring has finally arrived, and with it the need to spice up fashion and dress according with the new arrived season.  Many people feel the need to ditch the sweaters and tough boots and bring in the very missed sundresses and open toe sandals.

“I typically like to dress up with the seasons. Yeah, it’s on purpose,” Esmeralda Morales, a student at Royal Palm Beach High School, stated along with a slight chuckle. When the seasons change, so do wardrobes (typically).

Although, outfits do have a tendency to change with the seasons unconsciously. If it’s hot outside, who would wear a sweater?

“I don’t really track the seasons with my outfits, what I wear depends on the weather outside to be honest. ” says Marissa Rowe, also a student at Royal Palm Beach High School.

There are also a lot of mixed feelings that come along with what is stereotypically known as “Spring Fashion”. Shanna Rivera states, “I don’t really like the patterns and dresses and stuff that people associate what you would wear during spring. I’m more of a ‘leggings and t-shirt’ kind of girl no matter the season”.

Photo from: https://aesthetelife.com/blogs/news/the-7-spring-fashion-trends-you-can-wear-now