New Jersey Forest Fires Continue to Cause Destruction


Tatyana Kenon

Forest fires continue to rage in all different areas in the country, including New Jersey where a fire started on March 23rd in Penn State Forest. As of March 26th, no one is logged as hurt or injured.  It has now burned up and is raging on about 10,000 acres of forest in Burlington County. Authorities say that they have about 75% of the fire under control. Certain routes are remaining closed off while firefighters try to contain what isb left of the fire and the spread of it.

As of  noon on Saturday, 75% of the forest was contained but not under control, meaning there is no telling what the rest of the fire could do at this point according to the New Jersey fire department and higher authorities. There are currently no threats to structures and no reported injuries or deaths, but fire departments are on close standby if something like that does happen. The growth of the fire (from 8,000 acres to 10,000) was mainly from the state’s forest fire service fighting the wildfire by setting fires around it to stop it from spreading. The fire control may even expand the fire out further than those 10,000 acres.

There are about 50 firefighters and 17 trucks from the state’s forest fire service working to contain the fire. A helicopter is monitoring its spread. The fire is near the Ocean County border, but some believe the fire is still only in Burlington.

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