The Battle (Royal Palm Beach vs. Palm Beach Lakes)

j.b. guirand

The Royal Palm Beach Wildcats basketball team had faced off against the Palm Beach Lakes Rams on February 13th. The game was to determine if they would go to the championship game, did you go and support your Wildcats? During the game, both teams were playing to the best of their abilities, for the first half of the game the Wildcats were up about 12 points when halftime break came. It wasn’t till the 3 quarter the Rams started to come back from what it seemed like a certain defeat.  The Rams managed to catch up and at one point took the lead this frightened the crowd as they all watched with their fingers crossed. Entering the 4th quarter the Wildcats reclaimed the lead by 2 points throughout the whole 4th quarter both teams fought relentlessly for possession with many fouls, steals, and blocks. The 4th quarter consisted of a large number of free throws from both sides, which kept the game an extremely close game with only a 1 point lead until one of lakes players made a 3 pointer giving them a huge advantage with only 30 seconds left in the game. With possession and 3 points behind the Wildcats fought for an opportunity to gain the points necessary to tie up the game and go into overtime or to hopefully win, but the Rams defense was too strong then with one last attempt Deandre Morris a senior shot for a three but it was not successful taking the Wildcats out for the championship and leaving the Rams victorious. The score was 50 – 53.