Third Season of the Netflix Series “Stranger Things”

Third Season of the Netflix Series

Tatyana Kenon

The Netflix show “Stranger Things” that came out in July of 2016 is now coming out with it’s third season this year. The show has been a big hit ever since it came out (over the last 3 years) and looks to be continuing in that successful direction. The show has won many awards. Those awards include things like Teen choice awards for the young actors, MTV awards for the amazing screenplay, and NAACP awards for an outstanding performance among the many actors. The announce date for the third season was early this year.

What could we possibly see in the third season you may ask. The actors as well as the directors have been posting about the upcoming season and how excited they are. They have also been posting teasers about the show to keep their fans on their toes. There will also be new additions of cast members and settings that most fans will soon be shocked to figure out. Be ready for the new season!