Why you should cut back on the Internet

Tatyana Kenon

The good ole’ World Wide Web. What could possibly be the reason why we should cut back on the Internet when it provides us with lots and lots of knowledge and information? Well… there are so many negatives that go hand and hand with and are most likely caused by the Internet. The impact it has on our day to day mindset and routines is absolutely crazy, far more than we maybe thought it did.

The negatives that plague a lot of our society during this generation (a lot more than in previous generations) are things like depression, anxiety, limited face to face contacts, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts which all contribute to mental illnesses. There are also the given which is invasion of privacy, identity theft and phishing (known as extracting things like passwords, bank account details and credit card numbers).

Perhaps, spending time outside along with maybe spending time in the outside world or with family could contribute and help make the Internet more into a positive and not a negative like it is now.