Latin Club News

Yvens LaRoche, Guest Writer

Latin Club, otherwise known as “Sodalitas Latina,” consists of about 30 students, and members are always working on new and exciting projects and activities. For example, we create an annual scrapbook and banners, make videos, and take special pictures. Every year, we attend an extraordinary event, the State Latin Forum, where  our creativity and excitement for the Latin language and culture come alive. It is also a great experience because we get to meet other students and share our love of Latin and its origins with members from different schools. A toga party/assembly, athletic events such as water balloon tossing, running a marathon, etc. are different fun activities that you can participate in at Forum, but there are some requirements. You have to compete in either two academic events or one academic event and a creative event, where you get to show artistic and creative skills that you possess. Also, you need to complete a minimum of ten “practice” tests in each academic event that you are competing in. All in all, it’s an academic yet fun experience where you get to meet new people and become friends with others who share similar interests. In order to progress from States to Nationals, you must rank at least in the top five places in one of your academic events.  We have a passion for Latin, and we hope to add new recruits to the Latin Club team at Royal Palm Beach High School throughout the years.

       Around our own campus, we compete in Homecoming events such as the door banner and courtyard banner competitions, Black History month door banner competition, and we are involved in several community service projects, just to mention a few of our activities.

     By the way, the best part of being a member of this academic team is that it is an impressive résumé builder on a college transcript. The major four year universities in Florida all have Classics Departments; therefore, if a student has participated and/or placed in any event at State Forum, the admissions directors are all too familiar with this prestigious academic event.