Bryce Harper

Angel Gonzalez

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired Bryce Harper for 13 years in a $330 million contract. Harper is a six-time All-Star and was the NL Rookie of the Year in 2012. He has a .279 average with 184 homers, 521 RBIs and a .388 on-base percentage over his career. Bryce Harper being one of the top players was receiving many offers from different teams with different options.

Harper received a $20 million signing bonus and a $10 million salary for the season. Harper would receive 50k each time he’s a All-Star, wins a gold glove or a Silver Slugger or is selected League Championship MVP, a World Series MVP trophy would give him an additional 100k.

“The goal was to get the longest contract possible,” Boras said. Harper was looking for a long term team to play for and that’s what they gave him. Harper gets a hotel suite on road trips and can purchase a suite for games at Citizens Bank Park. Harper now has one of the biggest contracts in the MLB.