Event Of Clubs

Angel Gonzalez

During the week of Valentine’s Day the Drama Club was selling different gifts for students to buy. These gifts included different size teddy bears. There were two kinds of teddy bears for sell, one being a small teddy bear that costed $2 dollars.The other size teddy bear was a bigger bear and costed $25 dollars.

After Valentine’s Day different clubs set up tables with a variety of activities for students to do. One of the clubs that participated was the Science Honor Society and their table had a game of cup pong that students could enter and play for $1 dollar.

Another club that participated was the Tech Support Club and their club had a gaming station where students could enter and play for $1 dollar.Students were playing against each other in a game of super smash bros and the winner would stay on and keep playing.

One of the students approached was Brandon Basdeo. He said, “This is actually pretty cool,the school looks alive.”Indeed the school looked alive as students participated in the clubs activities.”