Super Bowl Leaves Fans Disappointed

Tatyana Kenon

The Patriots have done it once again, making it their sixth super bowl title. But many made lots of statements about how the super bowl isn’t how it used to be and how the game was overall boring. “The game was so boring, I didn’t even end up really watching it, and if I did watch it, it was for the commercials” said Shanna Rivera, a sophomore at Royal Palm Beach Community High School. The commercials didn’t seem to disappoint though. It was also said that the winners of the Super Bowl was something that anyone could have guessed. “I knew the Patriots were going to win. It’s not that I wanted them to, I didn’t really care. I just knew,”said Esmeralda Morales, another student at Royal Palm Beach Community High School.

Bets were also evidently made (bets that should not have been made at all). “I lost 50 dollars. Message to anyone it may concern: betting is never the answer” Marissa Rowe jokingly stated. The halftime show wasn’t all that either, and most were disappointed with who decided to perform. There were a lot of mixed answers when asked how the super bowl was for everyone individually, but most of everyone could agree on one thing: the super bowl was just all around disappointing for nearly everyone.

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