Ways to Stay Healthy

Tatyana Kenon

What a way to stay Healthy

What if you were to find out that a simple change in your day to day plans and activities could cause you to become much healthier. Most of us have access to a healthier lifestyle, but not enough of us take time to live that better and more productive life. With that in mind, what exact ways do we, as a people, stay healthy? “Well, I walk home everyday so I guess that is how I include being healthier in my lifestyle” said Shanna Rivera, a sophomore at Royal Palm Beach Community High School.

Dieting is a very effective way to become that much closer to your desired health. “I drink lots of water, kinda. I also have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian….. kinda” Marissa Rowe, another sophomore at Royal Palm Beach Community High School, jokingly stated. Of course all of us maybe don’t pay as much attention our dieting and how much water we should be consuming based on our weight, but that should be something that we take strongly into consideration.

Go outside! That be categorized into a more fun way to unconsciously become healthier. “I play Softball, but I don’t do it for the exercising really, I do it because it’s a sport that I wanted to try and now enjoy very much” said Esmeralda Morales, a student at Royal Palm Beach Community High School. In what ways do you remain healthy?

A variety of healthy grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and exercise equipment on a wooden table